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Sakaguchi Ryo (坂口 亮 Sakaguchi Ryō) is the main character in the The High School Life of a Fudanshi series. He loves anything and everything to do with BL (boys love), despite being straight himself. He often explains what the appeal is to others who just don't get it.


Sakaguchi has spiky brown hair, golden eyes and a mole under his left eye.


  • Nakamura Toshiaki - Sakaguchi friend who doesn't understand his obsession with BL.
  • Nishihara Rumi - Sakaguchi's friend who enjoys BL.
  • Shiratori Yujiro - An acquaintance of Sakaguchi who is president of the cooking club, and a homosexual crossdresser. Sakaguchi isn't as interested in his brand of BL.
  • Ueda Akira - An acquaintance of Sakaguchi and the servant of Shiratori, doing whatever he asks because he loves him.


  • Sakaguchi means "slope, hill" (坂) (saka) and "mouth, entrance" (口) (kuchi/guchi).
  • Ryo means "clear" (亮).